Anita Reynolds Howard makes history as first black DA in Macon Judicial District

The Macon Judicial Circuit covers Bibb, Crawford and Peach counties.

By Patrick Davis
The Central Georgian-Rural Progressive
The Macon Judicial Circuit covers three counties, Bibb, Crawford and Peach and for the first time ever, the District Attorney will be an African-American. In a spirited two-way race between newcomer Anita Reynolds-Howard and incumbent David Cooke, Howard was able to pull away in a landslide as the voters made a decision to move in a new direction.
One of the slogans for Howard’s campaign was that “my best is better” and it seemed to resonate with area voters as her district attorney race was one of the few contests which was definitively decided before midnight on Election Day. Howard’s lead was so large the 8,000 pending absentee ballots was not likely to make a difference in the outcome.
Reynolds-Howard had campaigned that she wanted to reach out to middle school kids– 6th and 7th graders– in an effort to prevent them from engaging in criminal behavior along with rehabilitating former gang members who commit misdemeanors.
The Valdosta State graduate has been a prosecutor for nearly twenty years and had most recently served as an assistant DA in the Towaliga circuit which is a three-county judicial district that consists of Monroe, Lamar and Butts.

Reynolds-Howard also expressed during the campaign that she wanted to provide stability in the district attorney’s office, because there had been a lot of turnover during David Cooke’s tenure. Additionally, Reynolds-Howard said she is in favor of developing a “district attorney accountability council” which is designed to review existing policies at the district attorney’s office.

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