Forsyth residents come together for “Change The Narrative” rally

On Saturday, June 13, members of the Forsyth community and Monroe County gathered to have a community rally called “Change the Narrative” in which was designed to bring more awareness to tolerance among races and to bring forth grievances in regard to a local newspaper — the Monroe County Reporter and its editor Will Davis.

Davis was challenged by event speakers such as Amanda Turner and Adelia Wilder and mentioned Davis’ past insensitive racial comments via social media that he posted that touted him being proud of his right-wing, conservative beliefs. Participants at the event said the community must unite and not be afraid to speak up against racism and bigotry.

The rally was a peaceful event says Julius Stroud who is a Forsyth city councilman. ” It is important to note we had zero instances of violence or drama. Our crowd was diverse and progressive-minded.”

Davis has attempted to make a formal apology via his newspaper and said the following: “I suppose the best way to apologize is to just come out and say: I messed up. And I’m sorry. I sin a lot. But this one is hurting not just me, but my family, my staff, and my community.”

However, people at the event did not accept Davis’ apology.

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